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Session Offerings

Therapy (CST)

CST acts as a gentle guide through the complexities of the body. Rooted in your bodies inner wisdom, this therapy aims to restore harmony, gently dissipating stored tensions, harmonizing the central nervous system, and addressing imbalances throughout the body's intricate systems.

My trained hands, unlock deep-seated tensions and fostering restorative relaxation, allowing you to embrace profound balance.

Flowing strokes incorporated in a therapeutic blend of firm-deep tissue massage and rejuvenating CST to relax the whole body. My specialized blend is perfect for you. Jasmine skillfully integrates the benefits of deep tissue work to address muscle tension and discomfort, creating a profound sense of relaxation. Simultaneously,  CST Therapy adds in a gentle yet effective touch to promote balance in the central nervous system, offering holistic nourishment for your body and mind. This session will leave you feeling not only pampered but truly revitalized, with a sense of deep relaxation and overall well-being.
Relax and Rejuvinate
Postpartum & infant CST/Massage
Navigating through the incredible beauty and inherent challenges of the physical, mental, and emotional changes during pregnancy, the fourth trimester emerges as a time of significant adjustments. CST goes beyond traditional massage, offering a gentle yet profound approach to support them through some of the most significant changes they will undergo. The unique needs of mothers during this postpartum phase, providing a sanctuary for relaxation and well-being. Our sessions are thoughtfully tailored to nurture both the mother or the infant, fostering a soothing and supportive environment as they navigate the beautiful challenges of the fourth trimester

All of my sessions start on an hourly basis
$100/hour session
Infants and Postpartum Mothers (up to 6 months postpartum)

*note: session for infants under 1 year will be around 30min. or less due to listening to their system.


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